LAUNCH OF DIGITAL PUBLISHING OF THESIS-“The Blue Green Process-Expressing & Recycling Rainwater”

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LAUNCH OF DIGITAL PUBLISHING OF THESIS-“The Blue Green Process-Expressing & Recycling Rainwater”, in 2007 at UC

I am delighted that my doctorate thesis is now available via the UC Research Portal at:

Blog #1-Introduction to “The Blue Green Process-Expressing & Recycling Rainwater”

When I started my Doctorate In 2000, water sensitive design was quite a new topic in Australia. Global warming was rarely spoken about and most landscape architectural firms were still designing irrigation systems using tap water.  By 2007, things had changed dramatically; water sensitive design was a growing trend, global warming was discussed frequently, and water shortages have severely reduced the human consumption and usage of irrigation systems.  Yet despite the trend of WSUD, we are now in 2022, frequently struggling from extreme droughts and floods, and still trying to prepare properly for climate change.

Our remote, rural farming communities, as well as our planned city communities are suffering  in relation to water and ecological systems. Climate change is real and the need for action is NOW. Inspired by the need for action, especially after COP26, it is prudent timing to finally prepare my doctorate for publishing through the University of Canberra’s web site to share my knowledge of, and passion for, water.

My thesis explores the history of stormwater treatment, the physical properties, the spiritual connotations, and the aesthetics of water; those who have influenced me; as well as the pragmatic technical requirements­­ of WSUD based on hydraulics. This thesis then analyses examples of my own projects reflecting WSUD, illustrates other successful examples of WSUD, both nationally and internationally and recommends strategies for professionals in landscape architecture. I then discuss the need for government initiatives, policies and management frameworks required to support the implementation of these water sensitive projects.

The objective for my Doctorate was to increase the awareness of stormwater, to demonstrate successful showcase projects that provide inspiration, and discuss possible ways forward to improve WSUD in Australia.

As Coffman (US) says; “Stormwater design for water quality rather than flood control is really a whole new field requiring a new way of thinking”..our professional expertise can provide the critical planning and design input required to integrate these approaches into the environment in a multi-disciplinary process.

 Forthcoming blogs 

Blog # 1 is the beginning of a monthly series of posts which take you through the chapters of my professional doctorate and hopefully encourage others into advocating for water sensitive design in landscape architecture. I hope to inspire students of landscape architecture to begin to design resilient landscapes, to become more aware of the global issue of water quality and security. I share this information and technical information with hope that it helps them to make the world a better place… to help others to better understand water, and how to creatively work with water.