Jing Jia

Jing, is a senior landscape architect and urban designer with a wide range of project experience. She has been responsible for the design of large scale public domain projects including urban planning, infrastructure, landscape design, parks and green space. Jing also has experience in a variety of residential projects. Her experience in project management, design, construction documentation and master planning makes her a valuable and versatile KI team member.

This broad experience has provided a sound basis for her to expand her horizons, follow her passion and further specialise in the area of water sensitive urban design. Jing is an original thinker with an analytical mind who enjoys the design process. She is passionate about rejuvenating landscapes such as abandoned mines and creating sustainable landscapes in the area of sponge city strategies in China and Australia.

“If the design is any good, a person who looks and listens will feel its good effects without noticing.”