Elizabeth Bay Marina

client Roads and Maritime Services

KI Studio Pty Ltd has been commissioned to develop a series of options for the redevelopment of the Elizabeth Bay Marina facilities.

Three distinct concepts have been developed, all based on the same floor plan. All three options have taken into account the existing built form and attempt to reflect its simplicity, general bulk and footprint. A preferred option has been selected based on community and stakeholder feedback.

The preferred option explores a modern re-interpretation of the existing facilities through an abstract fenestration and the introduction of timber battens that echo the existing timber fence of the marina.

Solar panels would be incorporated on the roof structure that read as an extension of the fenestration, creating a unified composition. The roof cladding would be a metal roof with a standing to emphasise the overall composition. A central walkway with timber trellis and vines, frames views towards the harbour whilst providing for some shading. Balustrades are conceived as stainless steel posts and cable to achieve a transparent and unobtrusive appearance. Gates are conceived as timber battens, in line with the façade treatment. In an open position, the gates would become part of the building’s façade to achieve an uncluttered appearance.

Key sustainable measures include:

• Consideration of recycling the existing deck structure to be used for the façade in the form of trellis
• Introduction of solar panels
• Introduction of feature green wall segments
• Recycling of rain water
• Minimising painted elements and utilising low maintenance materials such as marine grade stainless steel, hardwood timber, concrete flooring for the fixed platform, FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) for jetty elements etc
• Maximisation of prefabrication

  • Client - Roads and Maritime Services