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Hangzhou Jiangwan Riverfront Landscape Belt Conceptual Design

client Hangzhou Qianjiang New City Investment Group Co., Ltd.

We are proud to announce that for the international competition for the Hangzhou riverfront project, KI Studio & RSP have been determined as “the proposed winning unit for the conceptual design stage” (from client 1st Feb 2019).

Hangzhou Riverfront Animation:


Hangzhou’s new Riverside Park, on the northern bend of the Qiantang River, will create a new destination.

Mindful of its rich history, this plan responds not only to the river but to the modern thriving city of today.

Hangzhou, for over a thousand years, has been one of the most renowned and prosperous cities in China. Much of its rich history – trade, military, cultural – is intimately linked with its geography. It sits at the head of Hangzhou Bay on the banks of the Qiantang River. Now, a new Riverside Park, 4km long, on the southern bend of the Qiantang River, gives the opportunity for Hangzhou to become a major green link within its highly urbanised city structure. For this unique site, KI Studio demonstrated the critical path it played in Hangzhou’s history and will continue to play in the future as a major tourist destination, telling the story of its rich Sea Silk Road history.



Hangzhou has not only a tremendous history but it is also very much of the 21st century. Ki Studio’s plan responds not only to the river but to the modern, thriving, smart high tech city of today. A variety of spatial experiences will engage both the urban environs and the river frontage. KI studio integrated built form within the wave like forms of the park that will articulate in both directions – along the river and from the river to the CBD. Newly formed topographic forms, “the waves” will create intrigue, interest and exciting spaces for visitors and residents. Within these waves there are “hubs” of activity- shops, office, spas, recreational and community attractors, located at regular distances along the riverfront to create an active edge.


A few points of interest:

At Hub B – “Wubao Waterfront”, the historic Fort 5 Pier, a formal, large plaza links from the existing Wubao Centre with steps down to the promenade in between two earth buildings. A  new contemporary pagoda will provide a visual marker to the long, horizontal park.  There are restaurants on the upper storey of the land buildings where you would see fabulous panoramic views of the riverside.

Hub D – “Water, wellness, health”. The Baishi Bay canal is extended into the site so that makes a statement and is rejuvenated with wetland filters and aerated terraces. The hub interfaces with residential and business areas and will have public toilets, kiosks, and health food cafes to service the gym and spa.  Water walls and a water cascade will create attractive settings and water effects. The quiet, meditative spring spa garden and autumn gardens surround the building.  To the north the existing memorial has been relocated and a labyrinth centred on a circular pond surrounds it.

Hub F – “Fort 7 Pier-tourism and sport” is one of the main hubs strategically located against the pier. A unique  building  wraps around the tunnel opening to shield it from the park. Within this building there is retail, restaurants, cafes, toilet facilities, bicycle rental and a tourist information centre. We also recommend including a museum, with underground access with service dock and car parking.

Behind the building, the earth is integrated with the building and is contained by a bamboo forest, with grass slides and teenage challenge fitness equipment in the forest.

The Pier

The pier is uplifted to design a place for the people. Its sculptural design, in the form of a wave leads into the river, providing accents including a swimming pool, using recycled water. Spaces could be used for art displays, markets etc. when the ferry cruises come in.

Hub G – “Riverview Plaza”

Here is the interface with the Fort 7 TOD city complex. In this hub we have retail, restaurants, cafes, a multi-functional hall, gallery spaces, a spa and a gym. It also includes rock climbing and bicycle rental facilities. It is strategically located over the underground carpark, providing easy access for visitors.   Seasonal forests of Hangzhou surround the hub, and intersperse around the elevated boardwalks that provide ideal viewing of “the big wave”.  A skywalk bridge links the park to the existing pump house, using built form and landscape.

Our design has taken a large view. We see the new riverside park as not just a rejuvenation of the Hangzhou foreshore, important as that is. We see the possibility of it becoming part of a broad sweep of cultural and touristic attractions which begins at the West Lake, link through the Grand Canal River Mouth, taking in such sites as the Grand Theatre to arrive at this spectacular new CBD foreshore park.

  • Client - Hangzhou Qianjiang New City Investment Group Co., Ltd.
  • Date Completed - 2018-ONGOING