City Planning KI Studio

KI Studio has a broad local and international experience in strategic planning and master planning, including urban revitalisation. The combination of in-house interdisciplinary skills allows integral solutions to the complexities of our urban and rural environments that are site responsive and translated from the macro to the micro scale.

By working in multidisciplinary teams and balancing economic, social and environmental values, KI Studio provides practical and innovative solutions that respond to the synthesis of the opportunities and constraints of the land, the client, and the community.


  • We integrate our urban planning, landscape planning, urban design and landscape architecture skills into a pot of innovation, creativity and sustainability to create sensitive, practical and cost effective master plans.

    Rural or urban spaces and places. We have passion for working in different cultures, especially where spirituality and community empowerment are more important than a physical outcome.

  • As landscape architects we can greatly influence the quality and health of open space systems. So, working from the McHarg principles of designing with Nature, we maximise opportunities for integrating water and green- drainage and landscape- to create a variety of open spaces suited to various project values and needs, be they rural, urban, down town city public domain , or desert landscapes.

    People’s needs are woven through the natural and cultural landscape matrixes to create usable, multi use spaces where uses can adapt and change over time.

  • Challenging in older cities and downgraded places is the need for effective, creative urban renewal that respects people, place, space, ecology and community aspirations. These are projects where collaboration with the community is imperative to solve social, and environmental issues and to create a successful rejuvenation.

    Often we challenge current thinking, to change mind sets to open for a better future. A combination of innovative physical planning, with clever government policies, and creative design and emerging the team with community values and developing ownership and empowerment are key to success.

  • Ki Studio have worked on numerous residential subdivisions, especially ones in environmentally sensitive areas. Our skills in landscape planning, of analysing the site’s key opportunities and constraints, of integrating landform, water and earth, with sustainable transport- roads, cycle paths and pedestrian paths with housing sites that maximise passive solar and microclimatic considerations all assist in developing appropriate subdivisions for our environment.