SWRL, Glenfield to Leppington Rail Line- Integrated Art & Heritage Strategy


Project management and Construction-John Holland

Dr Caitlin Richards and John McCormick


Integrated Art & Heritage Design-KI STUDIO

Dr Judy van Gelderen- lead landscape architect/urban designer
Miguel Wustemann- lead urban design, structures, built form elements
Valentina Colombo- urban designer
Bene Hernandez- graphics, photographer


Other Sub Consultants/ Consultants/Contractors

Heritage Consultant, AMBS- heritage themes, information, interpretation text and images
Jenny Lindbergh- Senior Project Manager
Libby Percival- Project Officer, Archaeology & Heritage
Vitragroup- fabrication of vertical graphic panels
The Green Wall Company- Mark Paul- final planting design for green wall and input into documentation of green wall panels, responsible for construction & ongoing maintenance.
William Butt van Gelderen- graphics for the market garden imagery panels.