With the growing complexities of our urban environs, urban design provides a critical role in shaping our cities. The functioning and appearance of our public domain architecture defines how we feel and experience space and place. At KI Studio, we believe in instilling emotion into our designs to create engaging experiences. We want people to experience space and place positively and the space to interconnect to enhance public life and express the ideals and values of our community.
KI Studio undertakes a variety of projects in the area of public domain, architecture and infrastructure. The firm is renowned for its expertise in bridge design and has completed numerous tunnel and road projects in Australia and overseas. Key services include public domain planning and architecture design, art and heritage interpretation, infrastructure planning and architecture design.


  • Our approach is to create innovative, aesthetically pleasing designs with sustainable schemes that reflect the unique ‘genius loci’ of each site, ecologically and socially.

    Human health, social opportunity, cultural diversity, community identity and spiritual expression are all significant issues to the well being of the community.

    In order to develop an understanding of what can be done in a place, we need to understand that place, its ecological processes, its place in the psyche of local people, and its role in the fulfillment of cherished visions and the relationships between those factors.
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  • We have over 20 years experience in the design of bridge structures working hand in hand with engineers. Our thorough understanding of bridge aesthetics sinuously integrating the structure with urban design principles delivers designs uniquely
    responsive to each project.

    We have worked on projects worldwide including Australia, China, United Arab Emirates and Germany.
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  • KI Studio has been involved on numerous tunnel projects over the years and have developed a clear understanding of the complexities involved in these types of projects.

    We have worked on projects worldwide including Australia, Germany and China.

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  • KI Studio has provided urban design input in the delivery of a number of roads and rail projects. Our integrated services and experience in working with multi-disciplinary teams adds value to the overall project outcome.

    Collaboration and creative thinking is a core value in our undertaking of these types of projects.

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  • KI Studio have completed designs for commercial and residential projects in Australia and China.

    Miguel Wustemann, director at KI Studio has a wide range of experience including high rise construction, heritage preservation, commercial and residential projects developed in USA, Germany, Australia and China.

    Our designs are site driven, stimulated by collaboration to deliver creative and inspiring solutions that reflect the aims of our clients and the site’s context.

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